Practical Braid Care Tips For Men With Natural Hair

Braid Care For Men with Natural Hair

Braid hairstyles are a very stylish and popular protective style. There are a couple benefits to having your hair braided like preventing breakage (if maintained properly) and saving time and money in styling your hair. However, like any style, braids require special care in order to maintain and keep them in great shape. While they tend to require less maintenance than other styles, you still have to respect the health of your scalp and hair. Additionally, braids have unique care requirements you have to consider, or you could damage your scalp area and hair follicles. Styling and maintaining braids does not have to be complicated. The key is knowing what to do and what tools you need to do it.

As with any other hairstyle with natural hair, you get out what you put in. Good habits will help produce a healthy head of hair. Failure to care for your scalp and hair properly can cause you to run into some challenges. Braids, like any other style, require a regular hair regimen. This applies both to when you braid your hair or are just maintaining it.

Many men with type 4 hair could benefit from a hair care regimen designed for braided hair. Luster Products is a hair care manufacturer geared around simplifying the process and giving you the tools to establish that regimen. Luster’s products are designed to take the guesswork out of caring for natural hairstyles, including braids. The core of any style is proper hair health and maintenance. More specifically, scalp and hair health. Luster's SCurl brand is designed for this task.

Essentially Luster’s SCurl products are designed to help men maintain healthy hair. Formulated in America, Luster’s SCurl is dedicated to providing healthy, safe hair products for men needing natural hair care. From cleansing shampoos to styling products, they provide the tools you need to look your best without damaging your hair or scalp. These products are also helpful with some of the braid care tips featured here.

Braiding Your Hair

Cleanse The Scalp And Hair Cleanliness Is Key

Before you braid, your hair starts with a clean slate and, at the minimum, at least a few inches of hair. Naturally, you will want to start with more or consider adding hair, but that is the bare minimum for small braids. Next, make sure your hair is prepped and ready. This preparation should start with a scalp free of buildup or additives. The core of great hair is a healthy scalp. Braids are no exception. You cannot have great braids if they extend from a scalp that is flaky, clogged, or damaged. The core of great hair is the scalp it is attached to. This goes for just about any hairstyle, but braids especially. If the scalp is damaged, odds are you will yield problems with your hair as well.

SCurl Free Flow Charcoal Mint Shampoo is the perfect tool to help you cleanse and detoxify your scalp before braiding. SCurl Free Flow Charcoal Mint Shampoo is sulfate-free. This gentle formula is infused with essential oils providing nourishment and moisture from the roots to the ends of your hair strands. Peppermint oil, castor oil, and organic olive oil help revitalize hair and counteract dryness. Ideal for all hair types, activated charcoal helps reduce buildup, which can damage hair and cause dryness. 


Detangling And Moisturizing Your Hair Before Braiding

At this point, you will begin prepping the different sections where you will twist the hair into braids. In tandem with this step, you must make sure the hair is pliable and free of tangles. Likewise, before braiding, you want to make sure your hair is detangled and moisturized. Luster SCurl offers a product that can assist you with this process. SCurl Free Flow leave-in conditioner is that product and offers several essential benefits. This is an important step since you want to lock in moisture prior to blow drying, which is the next step. While nourishing, the conditioner also will boost the hair's shininess, moisture and heat protection with essential oils like coconut and olive oil. These oils, along with added shea butter, will aid as you detangle. Detangling is a crucial step, and smooth pliable hair will make the process of braiding easier.


Blow Drying as an Option 

Now that your scalp is cleansed, you want to blow dry your hair to achieve additional stretch and control. It is always essential to apply moisture and heat protection before blow-drying. There are different schools of thought surrounding blow-drying option. Some say not to do it, while others see it as essential. There is no argument that blasts of hot air can damage hair. That being said, try to blow dry hair using a cool air setting. This protects your hair and will help your braids come out more smoothly when you begin to set them.


Braiding The Hair: Trust the Process 

When you begin braiding the hair, two additional SCurl products can prove indispensable. SCurl Instant moisturizer  is a great way to infuse continuous moisture into your hair throughout your braiding process.  SCurl Free Flow Twist and Lock Gel is perfect for gripping short hair while adding control for crisp clean partings both the roots and hair organized. Both streamline the process helping prevent breakage and control frizziness.


Maintaining Your Braids

So you braided your hair, It looks great. Now, what do you do to keep them in excellent condition? Maintaining your braids is another essential part of haircare. Accordingly, here are some tips to help you manage this process. Likewise, we have also included Luster SCurl products that can help you in this journey.

Protecting What’s Under the Braids Your Scalp: An Essential Of Braid Care

The core of great hair is a healthy scalp. Braids require care just like any other style. You cannot maintain great hair follicles if they extend from a scalp not being cared for properly. The core of healthy hair is the support structure it grows from. This goes for just about any hairstyle, but braids have special needs. If the scalp is damaged, odds are hair problems are not far behind. Ignore its care, and you court some unpleasant consequences.

While braids do a lot to protect the hair strands, you have to have a maintenance regimen to keep the scalp clean. Focus on a shampoo that does not have harmful additives that can damage the scalp. In addition to being an excellent cleanser before you braid, it can be used for cleansing while the braids are in. There are some essential differences in the way you apply shampoo.

As far as application, you do not want to over wash your hair when you have braids. A good rule of thumb is to apply shampoo once a week. More importantly, you do not want to be too aggressive in how you apply it. Think of using a gentle massaging or tapping motion around the braids with the shampoo lathered up. Then rinse. Remember, braids put a lot of tension on the roots, and not overworking them is crucial. Once rinsed, dry the braids and scalp area gently. Avoid a rubbing motion and squeeze excess water out of the sections methodically.

Natural Hair While Braided Needs Moisture

Regardless of the style,  natural hair; especially type 4 hair, has special care needs. Moisture is an essential element to prevent breakage. Braided hair requires hydration, especially at the scalp. As in styling the braids, Luster SCurl products can help provide you with tools to add this into your hair. Luster SCurl Instant Moisturizer and SCurl Leave-In Conditioner are perfect ways to do this regularly. Another popular Luster product to help keep your braided moisturized is Pink Luster Growth oil because it works to keep the scalp healthy and free of follicle-clogging dry skin cells. It’s usually best practice to avoid scratching your head while braids are in to preserve the style and prevent scalp damage.

Nighttime Care For Braids

Continuing on the subject of moisture, braids require nighttime care as well. Your evening routine should consist of making sure your hair has enough moisture. In addition, this is an ideal time to add essential hair oils to your scalp. An easy product that can simplify this process is  SCurl Instant Moisturizer. Containing certified organic olive and coconut oil, it helps lock in moisture on the scalp. This can help prevent hair breakage. Additionally, a hair covering, like a du-rag, is important for the hair while you are sleeping and prevents frizz.

Know the Braid Limits

It is important not to leave your braids in too long. Failure to adhere to this can damage the hair or roots. Additionally, it can lead to additional hair breakage. Here are a few suggested limits for how long to leave braids in. The amount varies by type of braids. 

  • Cornrows 1-3 weeks
  • Individual braids 2-4 weeks

More On Luster: Your Partner In Both Grooming And Natural Hair Care

Luster Products has been a partner to men with natural hair for over five decades. The company was started by Fred Luster Sr. Fred Luster started as a barber in Chicago in the 1950s. This gave him a hands-on viewpoint of the needs men had with their hair. Later, he began to create products to help barbers meet patrons' unique needs with natural or type 4 hair. This was the start of Luster’s hair products. Decades later, the company is still African American owned and run by the Luster family. It provides safe, healthy hair products for men, women, and children under various brand offerings. Generations of Americans have used these products demonstrating that Luster Products is a true partner in hair care.

One of the many brands that have emerged from Luster Products is SCurl. SCurl is uniquely designed for men with natural hair. Formulated at the company's labs in Chicago, it provides products for men needing natural hair care and grooming products. The SCurl brand features multiple lines of products, all designed for the unique needs of men's hair care and grooming. These include:

SCurl Free Flow

SCurl Shave And Beard

SCurl Texturizers

SCurl Grooming Essentials

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