The Best Products To Use at Home After a Fresh Cut From the Barbershop

The Best Products To Use at Home After a Fresh Cut From the Barbershop

You just left the barbershop…. What Do You Use On Your Hair to Complete the Process

If hair had a reset button, it would be after a visit to the barbershop. Leaving the barber, your hair is at its best. Everything in place, it's never looked better. Going out the door, you are then hit with one essential question. What products do you use to keep it that way?

Most men don't have a handbook they can utilize to give them the basics of hair care. There is no basic training that men go through that teaches this stuff. Most men want great hair but do not understand what things they can use to get it. Some are unaware that there are products available that were designed just for the needs of men. Others do not know how to use them. Beyond that, many men probably think it would be too expensive to invest in products or processes to help them get great hair, even if those products exist.

Breaking The Assumptions

Believe it, or not none of those assumptions are true. There are products formulated for natural hair for men. They are easy to find, easy to use, and safe. Some are even built around the concept of simplicity, with products for every step of hair care after you leave the barber. One company that specializes in this is Luster hair products.

Luster: Your Partner For Natural Hair Care and Grooming For Men

Luster hair products have been specializing in natural hair care for decades. Luster was started by Fred Luster, a barber by trade himself in the Chicago area. Cutting men's hair, Fred Luster realized a need for products for men with special natural hair needs. Products that could simplify the process for his customers. Both to maintain the health of their hair and help them look their best.

Fred Luster began formulating products for natural hair types. He began selling these to barbers out of a simple storefront. Many others needed these products, and sales took off. More than half a century later, Luster hair products are on the shelves of major retailers and beauty supply stores around the country. Target, Walmart, Amazon, and scores of smaller beauty supply wholesalers are just some of the places they are sold.

Accordingly, there are products out there that can help you do this without breaking your budget. Likewise, these products are easy to find and part of a simple system to help you maintain healthy hair. Better hair care fundamentals can ensure that your hair is healthier the next time you sit in the barber chair.

American Owned, Minority-Owned, And Authentic... Even Today

Luster Products began like so many great American products in the 1950s built around helping people with their hair needs; Luster developed into a reliable niche brand. For men with type 4 or natural hair, they are effective with premium quality and performance. The company was also minority-owned and employed scores of people in Chicago. But over time, the world changed, but Luster did not.

Companies in many industries, including hair care and hair care products, sold their brands to more prominent companies. Brands were formed into product lines for large conglomerates. These Mass-produced products lived off the reputations of their creators. Removed from their founders and the core of what formed their brands, they lost something. But Luster followed a different path.

The founding family has carried on the tradition for generations. Now into the third generation of Lusters, they are still family and minority-owned. The business is also American-owned in the Chicago area and continues innovating products to this very day. They have not forgotten that first barbershop where Fred Luster worked. The same shop where he first explored creating products for patrons when they leave the chair. They are still a partner to those who style hair and need to take care of their hair.

SCurl Products: Men's Total Natural Hair Care

Luster SCurl products offer a simple solution for men who believe in hair care and grooming of their hair. SCurl is a reliable brand that takes the guesswork out of hair care. Based on research, these products address the specific needs that men have with their hair. From scalp care to styling, they offer simple solutions you can use. SCurl products are effective because they are designed around the science of caring for men’s natural hair.

A Quick Background On Natural Hair Care For Men

Men’s natural hair has unique characteristics. Unlike the other major hair types, it is known for its signature shape. That shape is a tight dense curl that resembles a coil. This type of hair requires constant moisture. It is heavily prone to breakage. Many men think their principal problem is that their hair will not grow. In reality, the hair is breaking. This is where the right hair care products can assist with hair health.

SCurl For Men: Products For Every Stage Of Your Hair Care Journey

The SCurl Men’s Hair Playbook

Consider working with the SCurl hair playbook. SCurl products provide solutions for the different stages of men's hair care. SCurl offers a product line that breaks out these stages into easy-to-use products to simplify the process even more. The line's name is Free Flow, and it is a playbook any man can follow to help achieve great natural hair. Here are the essential products and the solutions they provide.


SCurl Free Flow Charcoal Mint Shampoo

 While the term haircare brings our attention to the hair follicles, you need to focus on the scalp and hair strands. You can't even think about having healthy hair if your scalp is unhealthy or damaged.

This is where SCurl Free Flow Charcoal Mint Shampoo provides an essential benefit. It cleanses the hair and scalp. Besides just basic hygiene, it helps to detoxify this critical area by removing buildup from hair follicles and the scalp area leaving hair feeling and smelling fresh. The peppermint oil soothes & moisturizes dry and irritated scalp while castor oil and olive oil nourishes and conditions. Free of unhealthy ingredients like sulfates, parabens, and phthalates. It is a great foundational product for healthy hair. Following the scalp and hair cleansing properties of the Free Flowshampoo, you want to begin moving your focus to moisturize your hair. This is where the Free Flow conditioner comes in.

SCurl Free Flow Leave-In Conditioner

Moisture is crucial for healthy hair. Great natural hair predicates on strong consistent moisture levels in the hair. This is only going to happen if you make a concerted effort to keep the hair strands moisturized. SCurl® Free FlowLeave-In Conditioner is a great product to help you begin the process of keeping the hair conditioned with lots of moisture. This leave-in conditioner is designed to be used daily. It is infused with coconut oil, olive oil, and shea butter. It can help you define those curls and keep the hair follicles from drying out or breaking. Most importantly, it is free of parabens, mineral oil, and petrolatum; it won't expose you to undesirable ingredients.

SCurl Free Flow Instant Moisturizer

 As mentioned before, moisture is your strongest defense against dry, damaged hair. When natural hair dries out, you are prone to breakage. Additionally, dry hair can lose its shape. The solution, of course, is more moisture to give it a full, lush, healthy appearance. This is where an instant moisturizing product will prove indispensable.

SCurl Free Flow™ Instant Moisturizer is that product. SCurl Free Flow Instant Moisturizer helps hydrate hair and refresh curls or coils. This gives your hair a lush healthy appearance. 

Our instant moisturizer is a simple, easy-to-use tool that can help augment moisture in your hair. In addition, there are several other benefits this product can help provide. By softening the hair strands, it can help in detangling them if that is an issue. It also is a good product for just general conditioning of your hair. The hair is like any other biological system. It requires regular care and maintenance to keep it in its best condition. Just like you would go to the gym regularly, or go running regularly, or make a decision to eat healthy foods, you have a regular process of keeping your hair healthy and moisturized.

SCurl Free Flow Wave ·Twist & Lock Gel

 Beyond just cleansing and conditioning your hair, you also need to think about how you're going to style it. This is a great opportunity to consider a style that fits your identity. A style that helps you express who you are. Accordingly, you want to use a styling product that helps you achieve your signature style look without damaging your hair's natural health. SCurl Free Flow Wave · Twist & Lock Gel is an ideal product to help you style your hair while maintaining your intense focus on hair health. 

One thing you always want to look for with any hair product is natural ingredients and buildup. Like all Luster products, this is designed not to cause buildup on the scalp. This can be detrimental to scalp and hair health. To help focus on hair health, it’s enriched with organic coconut oil, olive oil, Jojoba oil and more nutrients to maintain hair’s moisture. As the top styling product in this hairstyling system, the non-flaking gel gives you a lasting hold and style creativity. It is easy to apply and great for twists, locs and braiding.

Reset: You Just Left The Barber: Now You Know What To Use To Groom

 As you can see, this line of Luster hair products breaks false assumptions and myths associated with challenges of men's hair care. SCurl Free Flow products offer simple solutions to some of the most common hair problems you will run into. From keeping your scalp healthy to daily styling, it takes a process that may seem complicated and makes it simple. The products are easy to find and can be found both on the Luster Products website and many of your favorite stores and online shopping platforms.

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