Luster's Pink Holiday Gift Guide: 2021

Holiday Gift Guide for Women and Kids

The holidays do not need to be stressful. Our holiday gift guide can help you with some great gift-giving ideas. Help family, relatives, friends, and colleagues look their best on Christmas day and beyond. Luster Pink Products make ideal assortments or individual gifts. Luster Pink collections can help you start checking off the names on your gift list, from stockings to standalone presents under the tree.

Pink Collection Gifts

Any of the Pink collection items can be dropped into a stocking or a gift bag. They also can be bundled together for some unique assortments sure to delight the recipients. 

Pink Classic Assortments

You cannot go wrong with the Pink Classic Collection. There are 12 items in this group that you can combine into your own unique gift bundle assortments. Here are some ideas and themes you can use or modify with your selection of products.

Pink Classic Style Essentials

This assortment can feature a sampling of products that form the basis of healthy hair care. Combine Pink Conditioning Shampoo, Pink Conditioner, Pink Moisturizer Lotion, and Pink Holding Spray into one group. This gives you something for the different stages of your hair routine, including cleansing, moisturizing, and styling.

Pink Classics Finishing Touches Pack

This assortment or pack is perfect for those finishing touches on your hair. Whether you need a spritz, sheen, gloss, or anything in between, this pack has you covered. It includes Pink Sheen Spray, Pink Spritz, Pink Glosser, and Pink Holding Spray.

Beyond Pink Classics, you have other Pink collections which make incredible presents. With winter upon us, the need to keep our hair lush and healthy is of paramount importance. This is where products from the Pink Essentials Moisture Maintenance collection can be indispensable. Mixed into assortments, they make a unique holiday offering. 

Pink Essentials Care And Repair Bundle

This bundle combines four products designed to cleanse, soothe, and repair your hair and scalp. They are like a mini salon for your hair. They include the Pink Super Hydrate and Shine Masque, Pink Repair and Strengthen Masque, Pink Repair and Strengthen Natural Moisturizing Lotion, and Pink Growth and Scalp Relief Natural Oil Moisturizing Lotion. This grouping will give your hair and scalp the nutrients and attention it needs to stay vibrant through winter's hair challenges. 

Now It Is Your Turn

The assortments listed here are only the beginning. You can use two other Pink collections to develop your bundles, assortments, or pairings. This includes Pink Classics and Pink Essentials, Pink Shea Butter Coconut Oil Collection, and Pink Natural Oil Blends. Both are filled with items that can take hairstyling and hair health to the next level. 

For The Kids...

Do not forget the little ones. Create your gift pairings or assortments using items from Pink Kids. These items lay the foundation for good hair habits. Add them to stockings and gift bags.

Happy Holidays From Luster!

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