Fall Hair Care for Kids: Tips for Beautiful Hair

Fall Hair Care for Kids

Autumn is such a great time to be a kid. From running and jumping in the leaves to hikes in the fall leaves and even playing in the park, it's a great time to fully experience the great outdoors. While it may seem like all fun and games for your kids, their hair may not be loving the seasonal changes. They are probably either inside with the heater or outside with a hat or hair covering.

You may have already noticed that their hair is more dry, prone to damage and breakage. Just as you are probably taking special care to support your natural hair care needs this season, it's more important than ever to keep the hair care for natural hair. The good news is that our unique kid-friendly formulations are designed to support the needs of your kids' natural hair. 

Which Luster Pink Kids’ Products Are The Best This Fall Season? 

All of our Luster Pink Kids' products offer essential ingredients to support the health and revitalization of your kids' natural hair care. To make it quick and easy, we've pulled out a few of our favorite natural hair care solutions to highlight for this Fall season. Pink Kids uses natural products that won’t be harmful to your kids and have products for each step of the hair care routine. If you had to pick just a few favorites to support the revitalization of your kid's natural hair this Fall, these are it

Even when it's a challenge, gentle care is the key to supporting your children's natural hair care needs. Remember to use gentle shampoo, conditioner, and detangling spray or easy-comb detangler to help with the tangle challenge. But factor in those hydration options to revitalize their hair this season. These are our favorite formulations to support the hair care of our kids. 

Pink Kids Detangling Shampoo 

It's been called a "miracle" shampoo, but that's because sometimes when you find a product that works for your kids, it sure seems impressive. Pink Kids Gentle Detangling Shampoo is a sulfate-free cleaning solution that effectively takes care of all the build-up while moisturizing with shea butter, argan oil, and sunflower oil. It's essential to keep your kids' natural hair clean and moisturized through the Fall months. 

Pink Kids Awesome Nourishing Conditioner 

This nourishing conditioner is safe and effective for kids, as it moisturizes and protects. Pink Kids Awesome Nourishing Conditioner makes your child’s hair stronger and healthier, so it’s easier to detangle. Complete with olive oil, coconut oil, and shea butter, this kid-friendly conditioner delivers the right level of nourishment for your child’s dry and thirsty hair for the Fall season. 

Pink Shea Butter Coconut Oil Leave-in Conditioner 

Our leave-in conditioner hydrates your kids' dry and thirsty hair while sealing in the moisture and detangling. This formulation is designed to support the hydration needs of your kids' natural hair while delivering the shine that exudes health. Pink Shea Butter Coconut Oil Leave-in Conditioner provides a foundation for natural hair care styling, with Certified Organic Shea Butter and Coconut Oil plus Castor Oil, Marshmallow Root, Sunflower Oil, Vitamin E, and Pro-Vitamin B5. Leave-in conditioner is an essential part of your kids' daily hair care regimen this Fall season. 

Pink Kids Easy Comb Detangler 

Here is another "miracle" solution, but this hair care product offers detangling with superior ease and comfort for your child's hair, no matter what hair type. The Pink Kids Easy Comb Detangler is a tear-free experience, with a leave-in conditioner that includes coconut oil, castor oil, and shea butter. As your kids' hair becomes dry and more difficult to manage this Fall season, it's more important to use our easy-comb detangler to prevent further damage and breakage. 

Pink Kids Detangling Spray 

Your child needs a gentle detangling solution that moisturizes fine, curly, and medium hair types. With the benefits of Provitamin B5, the Pink® Kids Detangling Spray is a sulfate-free solution that detangles your child's hair with a leave-in conditioner that offers lasting moisture. It's what your kids need the most to protect their natural hair this Fall season. 

Pink Kids Frizz Free Curling Crème 

This curling solution is infused with shea butter and argan oil to strengthen, define, and soften your child’s hair. Combined with the Pink® Kids Detangling Spray for extra moisture, the Pink Kids Frizz Free Curling Crème supports long-lasting styles. It's the strength and curls that you love to see this Fall season. 

Pink Kids Curl Creation Custard for Twists & Braids 

This hair care product is perfect for frizz-free, coily, or curly hair, with long-lasting styles like twists and braids. The Pink Kids Curl Creation Custard for Twists & Braids features moisturization, superior hold, and even detangling. Plus, it’s got the shea butter, coconut oil, and olive oil, which are part of your support system for your child’s natural hair this Fall season. 

Pink Lotion Moisturizer Hair Lotion 

This lotion is the perfect formulation to hydrate and restores your kids' dry, flaky skin and coarse hair to a beautiful luster. It nourishes while supporting soft, smooth boost and curl. It's got the revitalization solution you need for your kids' damaged hair. Pink Oil Moisturizer Hair Lotion comes standard with these key ingredients: Panthenol (Provitamin B5) and Tocopherol (Vitamin E).  

How to Use Luster’s Products as Part of Your Child’s Daily Hair Routine 

Luster’s products are an even more essential part of your child’s daily hair care routine during the Fall. Here are a few tips that you or your child should incorporate that are even more important this time of year. 

Complete all wet and damp hair routines the night before. When washing hair, make sure you’re washing with warm water and wash the scalp rather than the entire length of the hair. Then, braid your child’s hair and let it dry overnight for optimal hair care protection. 

Never let your child go outside with wet or damp hair in the Fall. Of course, it's also a health issue since a wet head could lead to a chill, which is never a good idea. Wet hair can also become quickly dried out and damaged in the cold and dry air. 

Begin your detangling when the conditioner is still on your child’s hair. Conditioner is vital to the health and vitality of your child's hair, but it's also crucial to daily hair care and detangling. If you wash all your conditioner out of your child's hair before you start the detangling process, you're washing away an essential ally in your battle against tangles. 

That's also why it's important to start detangling dry hair. The Pink® Kids Easy Comb Detangler is an excellent solution to help with detangling as well. Combined with Pink® Kids Detangling Spray, it's a great way to refresh curls and style your child's hair without fear of damage or discomfort.  

Remember to use our Pink Kids Curl Creation Custard and Pink Kids Frizz Free Curling Crème to support long-lasting styles. They’re great solutions that allow you to form and stretch your child’s curls while sealing in that essential moisture. 

How Often Are Luster’s Products Used This Fall Season? 

As the weather outside gets colder, your kids will probably start spending less time outdoors. They may also be less active during the Fall so that you can explore modifying your wash schedule. Here are a few possibilities. 

  • Wash every two weeks. 
  • Detangle after every wash. 
  • Refresh curls twice a week. 

Of course, if your kids are still super active and on the go, you may still need to keep them on the regular hair care routine. Let your kids' hair be your guide. If you test out a 2-week schedule and it doesn't work for you and your child, go back to your regularly scheduled washes. 

How Can You Discuss Fall Hair Care With Kids 

Natural hair care is not easy on the best of days, but a few more considerations for the Fall season. Both parents need to sit down with your child and discuss how their hair care needs might change as the season gets cold and dry. 

It's not always a fun conversation, and it's something that might evolve as your child gets older and more responsible. But, proper hair care is part of growing up. They need to know how to adequately protect and condition their hair and learn how to best care for it throughout the year. 

Most kids are already curious and starting to pursue self-care and grooming at a relatively early age. It's part of the practice they might have with their dolls, friends, or even siblings. In addition to their "regular" hair care routine, they need to consider how the changing season and environmental, outside factors might affect their self-care and grooming practices. 

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