Cool Weather Hair Challenges: Luster Pink Solutions

Hair challenges in the winter.

Ah, the joy of winter..


Cold weather. Cool breezes. Seeing your breath as you speak. The holidays. Time with family. Constant transitions from the warm dry indoors to cold frigid outdoors. Your hair covers from your forehead to the base of your skull. You are rushing around to get things done and get out of the cold.


And your lush natural hair...


Your hair perspective would probably see the winter a little differently. It could be described like this.


Cold weather pulls the hydration from your hair. Cool breezes leave your hair brittle. The holidays and the stress they put on every part of your body, even your hair. Time with family means you're putting your hair up, taking it down, neglecting your complete hair care regimen while you rush to pick things up around the home. And you are going from the warm dry indoors to the icy outdoors, making sure that wherever you go, the air has plenty of chances to shrink and break your follicles. Those dry strands of hair are being pulled and yanked by scarves, hats, and headbands. All while you rush around to get things done.


Moisture To The Rescue

The lifeblood of natural or type 4 hair is moisture. From cold outdoors to the dry arid indoors, winter conditions are not helping you keep that moisture. Coupled with the unique characteristics of type 4a, 4b, and 4c hair, the deliberate process of adding moisture to your hair needs to be high on your beauty and wellness priority list.


But Why?


The relationship of moisture to natural hair exists because of the nature of natural hair. So let us look at the causes of the moisture breakdown. We know that the cold air or dry, warm indoor air dehydrates the hair follicles. This is bad enough. That is the tip of the iceberg(excuse the pun).


The cold weather has a detrimental effect on the scalp. More specifically, it impacts something critical beneath the scalp. In the dermis layer of the scalp are the sebaceous glands. This produces a vital substance that gives you your fullness and body.


The gland produces sebum. Sebum is an oil that lubricates hair follicles. The regular movement of this oil over the hair strands is part of the natural process to keep your hair shiny and healthy. Cold weather disrupts this process. First, the cold weather causes the pores of the scalp to contract. This means less oil is flowing up to the hair. Without oil, the process of dehydration in the hair begins.

Dry hair shrinks and becomes brittle. It gets harder to style. Ultimately, it breaks. The scalp becomes dry as well. Flakiness can build up on the scalp. This can further inhibit the distribution of your natural hair oil. Your best defense is moisture.

Think of it as a jacket for your hair.

This might be a stretch, but think of your strands of beautiful hair like you would think of your skin uncovered in the open air. In warm weather, there is a lot of temperate moisture. Though you can't see it, moisture is pressed against the skin, stimulating the glands that produce oil. To an extent, your hair is the same way. Of course, natural hair requires an inordinate amount of moisture in any condition. Failure to do this can mean dryness, brittle follicles, damage, and hair breakage. Now, in place of that reality, Cold weather can make the damage considerably worse. 

Exposed out in the cold, your skin or hair is going to feel it. For much dry cold air is pulling the moisture, their hair jacket or protection, right off the strands and scalp. 

Moisture Remedy = Moisture Regimen

Now that we know we need lots of moisture to remedy the impact of cold weather on our hair, what do we do? Our best course of action is to make sure we have a consistent moisture regimen. A cadre of products and habits designed to balance off the damaging effects of winter on our hair and scalp.

While there are lots of different things we can do, here are some simple things to infuse into your hair routines to help. One extraordinary group of products that can help is the Pink Essentials Moisture Maintenance Line.

Pink Essentials Moisture Maintenance Line

The Pink Essentials Moisture Maintenance Line is designed to repair, soothe, and strengthen your hair and scalp. Based on the same principles behind Pink Classics, it is like a portable spa for hair care. A group of products designed for deep healing and protection of your hair. Each product in this collection is designed to enhance different facets of your hair care or moisture regimen and keep your hair healthy through the winter. 

Pink Super Hydrate And Shine Masque

In haircare, a masque can take intensive conditioning to a whole new level. While many products add moisture, many are designed to coat the hair follicle with a protective layer. That is good and an essential part of natural hair care, but a masque does much more.

Like the Pink Super Hydrate And Shine Masque, hair masques do more than just coat the hair follicle with moisture. They penetrate the outer layer of the hair strands, the cuticle, to strengthen and rejuvenate them. This provides deep moisture to bring dry or damaged hair back to life.

This easily pliable silky cream is formulated with three things ideal for natural hair, fighting against the winter environment. These include:

  • Botanical extracts
  • Plant-based hydrators
  • Vitamins

Like other Luster Pink Products, it is devoid of harmful additives that can damage your hair. Cool, dry air, wind, and icy precipitation are enough—no need to put more strain on the hair with petroleum, phthalates, or mineral oil. The product also won't leave buildup behind and is excellent for detangling.

The result is a natural boost to the typical appearance of your hair. This boost can include shinier softer hair. Hair that looks like you're out on a warm summer day and not bundled up to battle the polar weather. 

Pink Repair And Strengthen Masque

Like the Pink Super Hydrate And Shine Masque, the Pink Repair And Strengthen Masque work into the cuticle to revive and restore your hair. This masque is designed more to help repair damaged hair than the hydration masque. Among a pantheon of natural ingredients, it uses a pea protein to help offset wear and tear your follicles may have taken from several sources, including the abuses of winter. 

Pink Repair And Strengthen Natural Oil Moisturizing Lotion

While the Pink hair masque formulas are designed for deep moisturizing treatments, the Pink Essentials Moisture Maintenance line has lotions created as daily sources of essential hydration. Pink Repair And Strengthen Natural Oil Moisturizing Lotion is easy to apply and absorbs quickly into your hair. Consisting of oils, vitamins, and plant proteins, it can instantly refresh your hair. The result is softer, more manageable hair. Hair that is less prone to damage or breakage. This lotion is perfect for refreshing your curls and restoring some of the body into weather-damaged follicles. 

Scalp Relief Lotion

Cold weather does not just damage your hair strands. Your scalp is taking a beating as well. Instead of this harsh reality is a scalp relief product. Luster’s Pink Growth & Scalp Relief Natural Oil Moisturizing Lotion is designed to soothe an irritated scalp. Using several healthy oils, including Peppermint, stimulates the scalp. Free of harmful chemicals, it can aid in hair growth.

Even More Hair Moisturizing Options 

The Pink Essentials Moisture Maintenance line is not the only Luster line offering your Winter hair defense products. The Pink Shea Butter Coconut Oil Collection has several products to include in your ongoing hair regimen. Products perfect for filling gaps in your schedule of haircare needs.

Pink Shea Butter Coconut Co-Wash Cleansing Conditioner

Another technique to flood your hair and scalp with moisture is with a co-wash. The principle is simple. Substitute more conditioner into your hair routine instead of harsh shampoos. Wash with a conditioning formula instead of a stringent shampoo. If this is a preferred option, then Pink Shea Butter Coconut Co-Wash Cleansing Conditioner is a safe, effective product. This co-wash hydrates your hair. It is a great way to increase the amount of moisture in your hair before you set out against the elements.

Now that being said, a few things to consider. The Pink Shea Butter Coconut Oil Collection and Pink Classics offer shampoos that are free of sulfates and harsh cleansers. They also help moisturize as well. This makes them valuable to cleanse the scalp and prevent any harmful buildup on the scalp. Granted, the Winter season requires you to shift a large part of your efforts to refortify the hair against cold weather. Regardless it would help if you still balanced off your routine with the regular shampoo to maintain a healthy hair balance.

Most Of All...Stay Warm And Stay Healthy

Keep up those great hair habits this winter. Remember to keep your hair moisturized this winter. Most of all, stay healthy.

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